CRUSH is the second and final studio album by girl group 2NE1. The album was released at midnight local korean time on February 26, 2014. Since the release of 2011s 2nd Mini Album it was the groups first album release and second full-length release since 2010s To Anyone.


The first hint for the release of the album was made on January 15, 2014, when a poster for 2NE1s upcoming All Or Nothing World Tour was revealed on YG Entertainments website.[1] Another teaser photo was released on February 19, 2014 which revealed that the album will contain a total of 10 songs, including the korean version of "Scream", which was featured on their 2012 japanese album Collection. The teaser further revealed that CL was invovled in composing and writing lyrics.[2]


  • Prior to the albums release 2NE1 invited a selected group of 21 fans and and music experts to a exclusive private listening party in Seoul, South Korea.[3]
  • Originally the digital edition release was planned for February 24, 2014 but was pushed back to coincide with CLs birthday.[4]
  • According to YG Entertainment there were two music videos filmed for "Come Back Home".[5] Eventually just one video was released.
  • The physical editions of the album were released on March 07, 2014 one with a pink cover and the other with a black one, similar to the digital edition cover.
  • Each physical edition comes with a different photobook.


No. Title Lyrics Music Length
01. "Crush" CL CL, Choice 37 03:14
02. "Come Back Home" Teddy Teddy, Choi Pil-kang, Dee.P 03:50
03. "너 아님 안돼" (Gotta Be You) Teddy, Masta Wu Teddy, Choi Pil-kang 03:52
04. "살아 봤으면 해" (If I Were You) CL CL, Dee.P 03:30
05. "착한 여자" (Good To You) Teddy, G-Dragon Teddy, Choice 37 03:41
06. "멘붕" (MTBD) - CL Solo Teddy, CL Teddy 03:16
07. "Happy" Teddy Teddy 03:37
08. "Scream" (Korean Version) CL Teddy, Dee.P 03:40
09. "Baby I Miss You" CL CL, Choice 37, Peejay 03:12
10. "Come Back Home" (Unplugged Version) Teddy Teddy, Choi Pil-kang, Dee.P 03:14

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