Red Velvet is a five member South Korean girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment and debuted on August 01, 2014 with the digital single "Happiness".

The girls originally debuted as a four member group, the youngest member Yeri joined the group in 2015 with her first appearance on their first mini album "Ice Cream Cake".[1]

Since their debut Red Velvet has gained notable success and recognition. Their first mini album "Ice Cream Cake" as well as their first full length album "The Red" topped the Gaon music chart in South Korea upon their respective release.[2][3]



Seulgi was recruited back in 2007 by S.M. Entertainment as a trainee trough one of the SM Saturday Open Auditions, Irene joined the agency in 2009 and Wendy 2012 after attending the SM Global Audition in Canada. With that the three girls were present to the public as SM Rookies. Joy joined S.M. Entertainment through an audition aswell but was not revealed to the public until her debut in Red Velvet.[4]


  • Irene (아이린) - Leader, Main Rap, Dance, Visual, Vocals
  • Wendy (웬디) - Main Vocals
  • Seulgi (슬기) - Lead Vocals, Main Dance
  • Joy (조이) - Lead Rap, Vocals
  • Yeri (예리) - Rap, Vocals, Maknae


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  • "여시주의" -Telemonster OST (May 2016)

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Since their debut Red Velvet won over twenty music program awards, their first being one for "Ice Cream Cake" on KBS Music Bank (TV series seven month after their debut on March 27, 2015. In addition Red Velvet won numerous bigger awards such as three new artist awards and two dance performance awards for "Ice Cream Cake".[5][6]



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